Monday, September 27, 2010

Work or Fakework? Playing Carnie at Maker Faire

pic: NBC
I joined the brilliant ladies of Fakework Design this weekend to play Living Trophies for the Madagascar Institute Chariot Races at Maker Faire New York. We spent all week grooming our golden stallions (and all morning grooming ourselves!) for the sake of adding more glamor to the ensuing mayhem. Power tools and bike-medic field operations met gold spandex and pillow stuffing for fabulous mobile costumes.

Our troupe was just one piece of a wondrous carnival full of jet-propelled rides, and a panoply of chariots including a giant squid named the Kracken that got caught in the nets of Swimming Cities, a fire-spitting raven (literally!), mutant bikes, and sundry other wheeled objects. I wish I could tell you more about the rest of the fair, but there was so much, and it was so easy to get distracted. 

pic: Arthur & Margareta

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