Saturday, August 21, 2010

The Living Pavilion is Thriving

The Living Pavilion is visible from outer space on Google Maps satellite.
The Living Pavilion is doing great. My colleagues from CASE and I had a delicious picnic in it on Friday. In some of the milk crates, the Liriope were spurting purple flowers. We hadn't been sure if this species would bloom or not. It's been wonderful to see the pavilion growing into its landscape, and continuing to receive so much attention from the community. Here are a few clips from various times this summer, you can check out a bunch more on our Architizer page.

We were published in the New York Times style section, print and online.

New York AIA has continued to be an amazing supporter.
Design Trust for Public Space held their regular potluck at the pavilion.
Figment and the Living Pavilion was aired on WNBC.

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